Thursday, April 03, 2008

~Seoul - San Francisco~

The terribly "shiong" (difficult) and long (8days) ICN-SFO flights finally comes to the end soon....

Y we concluded it as "shiong" flts?
coz of many difficult pax.... sensitive to mention though :p
Y I concluded it as long flights?
coz ever since I trained for 345 fleet which is main for Direct Los Angeles and New York flights, the longest flts I normally do is 6 days flights.... So, this is quite a draggy flts for me. Can't wait to go home!!!
During this 8 days flts, it's good to hav own click colleague to hang out wif... enjoyed chit chatting, shopping n talk bad about others.. that's what gals normally do. Whatelse!!??
Taken this pict from my room. Nice view.. facing Seoul Tower and seeing all the dry and dying trees haha. Can tell the weather is really cold rite?
What we normally do in Seoul???
Eat - makan bibimbap, bulgogi, suntobu lo.
Shop - normally crazy over the famous korea brand skincare such as Laneige, The Face
Shop, Etude etc.. price really much more cheaper than in Singapore n Malaysia lo...
Sightseeing - sad to say crew will normally skip that.. shop, sleep, eat is the main priority
It's time to go out for another meal soon... Ya, I also one of them in this category... Sad :)

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