Monday, April 28, 2008

~Happy Birthday.... 妈咪~

Happy Birthday Mummy!
Sweetest Wishes to You on Your Special Day!
We Love U Mummy!

P/S: Happy Birthday to Eldest Aunt 大姑 too!


Gabriel ~ My Nephew

Benjamin ~ My NephewMarvyn ~ My cousin
Jin Yan ~ My cousin

Babies r cute
Babies r adorable
Babies r innocent
Babies bring u happiness
Babies make u smile
Babies r angels ~~~

Friday, April 25, 2008


  • 沟通不能只说不听

你说,我不闻不问~ 我说,你得闻得问 ><

  • 保持乐观心态


  • 学习吵架如何不失控


  • 分享两人梦想


  • 保持弹性空间

我想,我俩的弹性空间已没弹性了.... 哈哈!

  • 来个两人约会



Friday, April 18, 2008

~我.....答应了 之 点点滴滴~

间间中中也让你哭笑不得了好几回 >_< ~~~


Finally... I accepted the proposal ring ~~~

~H2O~: ~我.....答应了 之 前序~







嘻嘻!!! 我们会乖乖的哦!!!

P/S: 2nd aunt was so sad because she couldn't attend our Full Moon Party... It's ok, we will c u soon!!!

按按这 ~H2O~: ~My Nephews~

Saturday, April 12, 2008

~我.....答应了 之 前序~

Friday, April 11, 2008

~Setia Alam - Charisma~

Charisma @ right

Bought Charisma without even seeing the show house yet coz the show house is still under construction.

Houses in Setia Alam always sold out even faster than show house built. Some even sold out without a show house. Wonder y ppl can buy house blindly...

So, we must "kiasu" also la.. Made decision wif the leaflet and floor plan itself!!!

Being Sooooo......anxious what's the outlook going to b in real. Source this pict from internet. Hmm.... not bad though!!!!

Started to fall in love wif u ~ Charisma

V shall visit u very very soon after u dress up nicely ~~~~~~

Monday, April 07, 2008

~Our Future Home~

Indah Residences Kemuning Utama


Cestrum Setia Alam


Charisma Setia Alam


We finally bought our future house Charisma @ Setia Alam

Those who know us well will realized that we started our house surveying ever since last year.

Been travel to and fro between Singapore and KL to survey on houses.

Booked and withdrawn few houses..

"Rugi" on deposits. .

Seeing the price keep on increasing..

Regret not to made decision earlier..

Lotsa lesson learnt..

That's no perfect choice but only the best choice..

I personally love Indah Residence so much, deeply in love tough. But, for future prospect, we foresee a well development @ Setia Alam..

So, final decision made...

Thanks a zillion to my family esp mum and dad who help out throughout this whole long long journey...

Thanks to frens for concern and advise...

Last but no least... We shall c u soon .... Charisma!!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

~Seoul - San Francisco~

The terribly "shiong" (difficult) and long (8days) ICN-SFO flights finally comes to the end soon....

Y we concluded it as "shiong" flts?
coz of many difficult pax.... sensitive to mention though :p
Y I concluded it as long flights?
coz ever since I trained for 345 fleet which is main for Direct Los Angeles and New York flights, the longest flts I normally do is 6 days flights.... So, this is quite a draggy flts for me. Can't wait to go home!!!
During this 8 days flts, it's good to hav own click colleague to hang out wif... enjoyed chit chatting, shopping n talk bad about others.. that's what gals normally do. Whatelse!!??
Taken this pict from my room. Nice view.. facing Seoul Tower and seeing all the dry and dying trees haha. Can tell the weather is really cold rite?
What we normally do in Seoul???
Eat - makan bibimbap, bulgogi, suntobu lo.
Shop - normally crazy over the famous korea brand skincare such as Laneige, The Face
Shop, Etude etc.. price really much more cheaper than in Singapore n Malaysia lo...
Sightseeing - sad to say crew will normally skip that.. shop, sleep, eat is the main priority
It's time to go out for another meal soon... Ya, I also one of them in this category... Sad :)