Monday, April 07, 2008

~Our Future Home~

Indah Residences Kemuning Utama


Cestrum Setia Alam


Charisma Setia Alam


We finally bought our future house Charisma @ Setia Alam

Those who know us well will realized that we started our house surveying ever since last year.

Been travel to and fro between Singapore and KL to survey on houses.

Booked and withdrawn few houses..

"Rugi" on deposits. .

Seeing the price keep on increasing..

Regret not to made decision earlier..

Lotsa lesson learnt..

That's no perfect choice but only the best choice..

I personally love Indah Residence so much, deeply in love tough. But, for future prospect, we foresee a well development @ Setia Alam..

So, final decision made...

Thanks a zillion to my family esp mum and dad who help out throughout this whole long long journey...

Thanks to frens for concern and advise...

Last but no least... We shall c u soon .... Charisma!!!

2 ~raindrops~:

mydragoon said...

congrats on your purchase...

just in case you din know, we have a residents' forum... do visit us and meet even more neighbours in

see you there!

~TaRyN~ said...

hey mydragoon, thx for ur info.. i think hubby already a member of the forum..hehe