Saturday, November 15, 2008

~Crusty Creations~

Today is my very first visit to SATS Catering Training Kitchen
I learnt to prepare and bake simple biscuits, fruit tarts, choux pastry, chocolate sauce etc
This is my work station, my personal kitchen
all ingredients are well prepared
what I need to do is just follow step by step instructions
Simple :)
All pastry turned out nicely and edible, no worries O_o I finally complete
Culinary Workshop 101 Module 3- Crusty Creations Hope I can graduate from Culinary Workshop 101 asap!
Another 5 module to go, Ganbatte!!!

4 ~raindrops~:

Yau said...

U enjoy ur cooking class, i enjoy the food u brought back :) no wonder i become ah fat la...

~TaRyN~ said...

u better enjoy it, coz that's the only time i bake biscuit and make fruit tart...
in future? i doubt so.. hehe



~TaRyN~ said...