Sunday, July 06, 2008

~Wedding Band Engraving~

Engravings range from simple and traditional dates and initials to coded messages that only the brides and grooms understand. Here are some of our favorites! N for u guys future reference..... (",)

  • I choose you

  • Let's grow old together

  • I found love & love was you

  • When this you see, remember me

  • Love is friendship set on fire

  • It was not into my ear You whispered, but into my Heart

  • Two people who belong together make a world

  • Today I married my friend

  • The Beginning of Forever DDMMYY

  • Two Friends Become One DDMMYY

  • 1st Band: Yau
    2nd Band: Bride Of Yau

  • 1st Band: I finally found you
    2nd Band: My life began with you

  • 1st Band: From this moment on DDMMYY
    2nd Band: DDMMYY Our life Begins

2 ~raindrops~:

paycheck advance said...

I like the way you wrote this kind of blog.

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yeen said...

yeah~ this is a good ONE~ we haven't decide the message to engrave on our bands yet. muaks~