Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~GabBen BenGab~

My cute Nephews!

Cute Little Gabriel & Benjamin


Cuter as in more Kawaii more charming

kepo as in they will watch what u're doing

Louder as in they laugh till kakakaka & cry till tears drop

@ their 4 month Old now!

4 ~raindrops~:

Lewis said...

Wow, cute and sweet! The blur look is so adorable~

~TaRyN~ said...

yaya... blur blur one.. haha!

san said...

cute yah!

visit my blog arh.
leave some comment arh. Thx.

Kai San said...

Aiyoh! So cute!!!! Can't wait to see them this coming August. Hope their mommy will keep me informed. Please send my regards to my buddy - the mommy ya. Thx