Saturday, September 26, 2009


Start counting down for our honeymoon trip!
Decided to signup a landtour package with FiveStarsTours.
Would love to have a R&R trip this time round.
Away from doing research~
Away from planning own itinerary~
Away from booking and comparing hotel~
Away from creating argument with spouse~

This is our first holiday trip with tour group.
Just pay $$$ and get ready to go!!!
Nothing needs to be done!
Oh... So easy!
Oh... I'm so looking forward!
Can't wait to drag my cabin bag and flying off asap!!!

2 ~raindrops~:

Yau said...

I'm so looking forward on this trip!!! This is my first trip that go so far, i start to worry how to kill time in the long hour flt, haha!!! Need to sharpen my photo shooting skill before go to this trip, hey, you, prepapre to become my model.

Mandy said...

So You have finally gone thru it. Can you share how your killed the time? As you know la, i also always have travel sickness one....ha.