Monday, February 23, 2009

~Part Time Model の Gown Fitting~

I'm so excited!!! I wan to b a "leng leng" n "sui sui"
Headache...... dunno which to choose ^_^
My capable good helper
Thanks to groom-to-be for precious opinion My shortlisted wedding gown for pre-wedding photoshoot
Went to "Glitters" for mani n pedi
Lastly.... I need to go home for beauty sleep n drink birdnest for next day photoshoot!!!

2 ~raindrops~:

Anonymous said...

yalah yalah..leng leng n sui sui edi lah...lolzz

Yau said...

It was quite fun to see my lovely girl girl choose the gown for pre-wedding shooting. Previously we thought that it might take very long time to choose the gown, but we only use 2 hours++ to choose them.hehe.. Cant wait to see the photo shooting result, i keep checking the photographer's blog but he havent upload yet...