Saturday, May 10, 2008


Flew for 4 years.. that's d only 1st time that I really take the opportunity to look out from the small peeping hole to enjoy the nice scenery...
People usually thought we travel often, live in luxury, we hav the greastest chance to enjoy nice view from d big giant thingy.. In fact, we work non-stop n we can't afford many luxuries =.="

Look at those cotton ball, cotton wool n candyfloss...
I feel like hopping on~sleeping on~lying on~flying on~~~

~~~I can't imagine how relaxed I am ~~~

1 ~raindrops~:

YKK's Makan/Interesting Places said...

I love sky, forgot when is the last time i see the sky...after start work, my eyes keep staying on computer display, already forgot above our pretty sky...i still remember that i like to see the sky when i still in school, sky let me feel peace, blue sky let me relax.. i love the sky. now we take it as granted because now we still have it... one day we can only describe in words to our children, grand children, grand grand children.. how beautiful our sky in long long time ago, we must treasure it now.